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Cairns Mulch are the mulch experts in Far North Queensland. We create much products from green waste vegetation, which has been collected during our land clearing and earth moving activities. All of our Cairns Mulch products have been pasteurized, to eliminate any seeds and plant propagules from weed species that were in the original mulch, if any at all. This process also removes any possible, harmful bacteria or pathogens. We specialise in two main types of mulch, Fine Mulch and Super Fine Mulch, which can be collected or delivered for your convenience. Please note: Bulk commercial loads only with minimum orders of 30 cubic metres. For more information see below, or contact us on 1300 268 524 or


Perfect as garden cover, our fine mulch breaks down slowly and becomes ideal soil conditioner. It’s mainly used to suppress weeds and is brown in colour.


The smaller particles of our super fine mulch will re-vigour your plants quickly. It provides a nice even mat, keeping moisture in and weeds out. Great garden solution.


All our products are made from general garden green waste, which has been processed into mulch. It has been pasteurized, for your peace of mind.


Cairns Mulch supply mulch products in bulk commercial loads, with minimum orders of 30 cubic metres. We service commercial and trade clients, located across Cairns city, its suburbs and surrounding shires. From Cooktown to Cardwell, Mareeba to Mossman, we’ve got you covered.

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