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Cairns Mulch are the mulch experts in Far North Queensland. We create much products from green waste vegetation, which has been collected during our land clearing and earth moving activities, or delivered to our depot. All of our Cairns Mulch products have been pasteurized, to eliminate any seeds and plant propagules from weed species that were in the original mulch, if any at all. This process also removes any possible, harmful bacteria or pathogens. We specialise in two main types of mulch, Fine Mulch and Super Fine Mulch, which can be collected or delivered for your convenience. For more information see below, or contact us on 1300 268 524 or


Perfect as garden cover, our fine mulch breaks down slowly and becomes ideal soil conditioner. It’s mainly used to suppress weeds and is brown in colour.


The smaller particles of our super fine mulch will re-vigour your plants quickly. It provides a nice even mat, keeping moisture in and weeds out. Great garden solution.


From time to time, we have older, composted products that are ideal potting mix or soil conditioner. Premium compost, potting mix and garden mix.


All our products are made from general garden green waste, which has been processed into mulch. It has been pasteurized, for your peace of mind.


All of our Cairns Mulch products are available for collection from our Woree Depot, Monday to Saturday. We’re also open on all public holidays, except Christmas Day and Good Friday. Cairns Mulch provide a delivery service, catering to projects large and small. We service residential, commercial and trade clients, located across Cairns city, its suburbs and surrounding shires. From Cooktown to Cardwell, Mareeba to Mossman, we’ve got you covered.


We also have much older composted products. This is made in three types. Premium Compost, which is very old mulch, almost soil consistency. Does not contain worms but will encourage them. Potting Mix, premium compost mixed with course river sand and Garden Mix, premium compost mixed with fine sand.

Compost can be added or dug into garden beds while the soil is being turned. When planting new plants, you can add compost to the hole. (It’s usually a bad idea, however, to fill up the hole with only compost. That creates such special comfy place that plants don’t want to send their roots out into the regular soil, which inhibits their growth.) Compost can be used to ‘side-dress’ plants already in the ground by spreading the compost next to the plant and working it into the soil with a small garden fork. Compost can also be added to the mixture in which you start new plants or seeds.

We don’t use compost as mulch however. Compost is full of nutrients that we want to get down in the soil to feed the plants through their roots. In contrast, mulch is the layer of organic materials placed on the top of the soil as a protective cover. Mulch helps to suppress weed germination, retain moisture, insulate the soil, and reduce erosion. Mulch also contributes nutrients the soil by gradually breaking down over time.

Cairns Mulch

Product Prices

 Yard PriceDelivery Price
Fine Mulch $22 from .01m - 1m $132 for .01m - 6m load delivered in the Cairns area
Super Fine Mulch $32 from .01m - 1m $192 for .01m - 6m load delivered in the Cairns area
Premium Compost+ $37 from .01m - 1m $148 for .01m - 4m load delivered in the Cairns area
Garden Mix+ $57 from .01m - 1m $171 for .01m - 3m load delivered in the Cairns area
Potting Mix+ $57 from .01m - 1m $171 for .01m - 3m load delivered in the Cairns area
Topsoil+ $57 from .01m - 1m $171 for .01m - 3m load delivered in the Cairns area
Unscreened Sand $37 from .01m - 1m
Screened Sand $57 from .01m - 1m
Woodchip $37 from .01m - 1m


"Just a shout out to the crew at Cairns Mulch. As a Business ourselves you guys provide us with a fast efficient green waste dump. No waiting time very easily accessible Sprinklers always on or you guys are hosing down to keep the dust at bay and in the wet season you're pushing sand so we’re not driving or unloading through mud. Thanks Leonie and Team and also thanks for great dumping rates and good priced mulch. Don’t forget these guys accept the general public as well as us commercial."

Luke & Donna - Packy’s Lawns

"WOW! That's the finish all my customers are chasing Cairns Mulch has, for 7 years, given me a great reliable service with their free and on time delivery, allowing me to fulfil my obligations in the time required. Cairns Mulch choice of products gives my customer options, options that have increased the appearance and value of the property without costing an arm or a leg. So if you're going to give your garden a makeover get the best product and service available. Cairns Mulch for that WOW factor."

Glen Blades - Bladzies Lawn & Garden Care

"I have a steep 2.5 acre property backing onto rainforest and the only way to create and maintain a lush and thriving tropical garden, comes through consistently using good quality mulch which forms a blanket on the garden beds and stays in place even during the heaviest of downpours. I have found after years of trial and error with various suppliers, that the best in the business for service and consistent quality is Cairns Mulch. Having discovered them some 8 years ago I now use no-one else as their service and product quality is second to none. Cairns Mulch offers a great product. Excellent reliable service topped off by free delivery. I can't recommend them highly enough."

David Healy

"A major reason I am happy to handle my a waste management with Cairns Mulch is because of the company's attention to environmental hygiene. I feel that the Cairns Mulch company takes pride in its role to provide sustainable waste management practice with particular attention paid to the waste filtering of toxic wastes from organic wastes. Staff protocols on the ground to keep the separations and filters of waste types in the green waste piles and mulch/soil products appears very strict and consistent."

Tull Scott - Tull's Tree & Garden Service

"As the owner of Stones Tropical Designed Gardens, value for money and prompt services are two very important requirements needed to help me succeed with my landscaping business. Cairns Mulch can pride itself on delivering these two things every time I deal with them. They have been supplying a broad range of products for my business and clients for over 7 years. I would highly recommend Cairns Mulch for their high level of service, value for money and quality products when your next garden make over is due. "

Troy Stone - Stone's Tropical Designed Gardens

"Six years ago we bought an acreage property in Redlynch. The gardens were almost non-existent and the soil was very poor so Cairns Mulch have delivered many, many truckloads of mulch as we've gradually improved and developed our gardens. The mulch is always good quality (no weeds), the staff are always so helpful and friendly, the drivers follow delivery instructions and are always punctual. You can't ask for more than that!"

Sue Barnard

"I am the proprietor of The Designer Garden Company and have been supplying quality landscape and maintenance projects to the Cairns region for 7 years now. During this time it would be fair to say that I have had the chance to sample all of the mulch suppliers big and small in this area. It is no coincidence that for many years now my exclusive supplier of bulk mulching is Cairns Mulch. The consistent product and professional service offered by Cairns Mulch means that they will continue to get my business."

Matt & Team - Designer Garden Co.

"Cairns Mulch products are hard to beat, particularly for large scale landscape projects, as they are Economical and excellent for Slope Stabilization, Weed Suppression, Water Retention and Soil Conditioning. Many of my contracts are steep, difficult sites but Cairns Mulch always makes my job easier. From ordering and organising the correct quantities to the prompt delivery with drivers who always make their best effort to get my product as close as possible to the most efficient place for me… Bottom line is I'm always satisfied with my dealings with Cairns Mulch."

Bruce Jackman - Bruce Jackman's Advanced Landscapes

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